Safe Cities in Mexico

We are preparing a review of cities in Mexico that are very safe for tourist travel. it will take time to accumulate a reasonable list. We would love any suggestions and information you would like to send us. Send communications to Please add any comments you have to contribute to the discussion.


  1. Monterrey NL
    Merida, Puerto Vallarta

    Those are two Definably Safe to travel (:

    • Just returned from a wonderful vacation in Punta Mita. Sayulita is totally safe. The highway from PVR airport to Punta Mita totally safe.
      Alamo rental car was wonderful. Get the no deductible insurance for your car. You will pay about $300 for 5 days. But the cost per person for PVR to Punta Mita or Playa Mita is $75.00 per person each way plus tip. If you rent a car you can go to Sayulita for the day and Punta Mita I recommend the Mita Mary at the St. Regis ( you will be asked if you have a reservation—but the Mita Mary is on the beach and doesn’t take reservations) be patient and polite…Mita Mary is pretty expensive but the meal you won’t forget soon.

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