Mexico is a popular travel spot where people from all over the world come to see for themselves the beauty of this country, especially during Spring Break. As with all countries, there is always the threat of violence and Mexico is no different. It has come under some heavy fire over the years due to a lot of bad press and it does have its way of making a more indelible impression than all the good stuff that happens in the country. A shame considering that if anyone loves a good party, this country can definitely provide. Spring breakers filling the beachside hotels along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are a testament to that and it is sad that due to the actions of a few, the country gets a bad rap.

Many people I know of are not very happy with the portrayal and argue that if it were the same all over, no one would visit anywhere where there is violence, with the U.S. being one of those places. When I was living in Cancun, I had a friend who would complain bitterly: “With all the gun violence and people shooting up schools and movie theaters in the States, you never hear of local media telling you NOT to go to New York or Colorado, much less the U.S.” She has a point. You have to consider that there is an unfair representation of situations, especially in the media outlets. Mexico is the fifth largest country in the Americas and the 13th largest independent country in the world (the U.S. is the 3rd largest in the world; this is a technicality as Antarctica is not an independent nation but is the 2nd largest, mass-wise). With tons of people, the proportion of all the violence can seem overwhelming and quite frankly, frightening but more often than not, taken out of perspective.

The thing people have to remember is that kids, regardless of where they are, can get a little crazy when there is little adult supervision and plenty alcohol available. Parents worry about their kids going to a foreign place but all of this comes down to how the parents raised their child and how adept the kid is at making decisions.

It is a fine balance between protecting your child and letting them go to try out their wings so whatever you decide, know that Mexico has a lot of good things to offer for this Spring Break 2015.

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