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    Is Mexico Safe?

The One-step Method for Staying Safe in Mexico!

safety in mexico

Did you know that you can stay safe on your next vacation to Mexico by doing one simple thing? Would you believe it if I told you this surefire safety method costs zero dollars and doesn’t even require a trip to the store?… Read the rest

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?


Commonly called “Cabo,” Cabo San Lucas is located in the south of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in the state of Baja California Sur. It is rated one of the top five tourist destinations in Mexico for its beaches, beautiful resorts and water sports.… Read the rest

Is San Jose del Cabo Safe?

San Jose del Cabo is located just east of Cabo San Lucas in the south of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Cabo San Lucas is a well-known vacation destination that is connected to San Jose del Cabo by a long hotel corridor where most tourists stay in the area.… Read the rest

Is Mazatlan Safe?


Mazatlan is part of the Sinaloa state of Mexico, located in the country’s northwestern region. The city is known for its beaches, Historic Center and shopping in the Gold Zone.

One of the most high-profile criminal groups in Mexico is based in Sinaloa.… Read the rest

Is Huatulco safe?


We continue to hear that some places might not be safe for traveling, and many people are concerned about safety in Huatulco, one of the favorite destinations for those who want to leave the hectic lifestyle behind for a few days and have a peaceful retreat.Read the rest

Mexico: Safer than U.S Cities

While some 150 000 Americans enjoy safe visits to Mexico daily, the media continues to sensationalize violent stories in the country. But, Mexico is in fact safer than a number of major U.S. cities. Ask any traveler and they’ll tell you just how safe they have felt in Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, Washington D.C, Atlanta or Chicago.… Read the rest

Mexico: As Safe As Any Other Popular Tourist Spot


Yucatan Mexico safety infographic

While Mexico remains one of the greatest travel destinations, it’s often earmarked as a country full of violent crimes. But that’s not really the full picture. Sure, there is violence from time to time along parts of the U.S.

border but

the main tourism areas in the country are actually safer than any other popular tourist spot.… Read the rest

Synopis of “Is Moving to Mexico Safe?”


How safe is it to travel to Mexico? This has been the question on everybody’s minds over the past 6 months or so. Every time there is a new story from the country about the warring drug mafia or an isolated robbery case, the crescendo around this question increases incredibly.Read the rest

Synopsis of “I Traveled to Mexico and Came Back Alive”

Well, yes, the world is still talking about whether it is safe to travel to Mexico! Fear for one’s security is understood but what I cannot fathom is why you would not visit the most beautiful place I have ever visited due to public opinion?Read the rest



You pronounce it Wa-HA-ka.  Located in Southwestern Mexico bordered by Puebla to the Northwest, Guerrero to the West, Veracruz to the North and Chiapas to the East – the state of Oaxaca has a fabulous coastline on the Pacific Ocean.… Read the rest