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    Is Mexico Safe?

Synopis of “Is Moving to Mexico Safe?”


How safe is it to travel to Mexico? This has been the question on everybody’s minds over the past 6 months or so. Every time there is a new story from the country about the warring drug mafia or an isolated robbery case, the crescendo around this question increases incredibly.Read the rest

Synopsis of “I Traveled to Mexico and Came Back Alive”

Well, yes, the world is still talking about whether it is safe to travel to Mexico! Fear for one’s security is understood but what I cannot fathom is why you would not visit the most beautiful place I have ever visited due to public opinion?Read the rest



You pronounce it Wa-HA-ka.  Located in Southwestern Mexico bordered by Puebla to the Northwest, Guerrero to the West, Veracruz to the North and Chiapas to the East – the state of Oaxaca has a fabulous coastline on the Pacific Ocean.… Read the rest

Ironic Twist to Violence Issue – Los Angeles

Recently a friend of ours was trapped with her mother in Cancun due to an episode of violence. However, the violence was a shooting at LAX airport in Los Angeles. The shooting caused cancelled flights from Cancun !! This highlights the fact that violent crime is much less in many cities in Mexico compared to many cities in the U.S.… Read the rest

Is Merida Safe?

Merida, the beautiful city just a few hours away from Riviera Maya, remains a safe place to visit and live. There are several aspects that can tell us so.

The City of Merida

Merida is the capital City of the state of Yucatan, located at the south east of Mexico.… Read the rest

Puerto Vallarta – Safe City

Is it safe to vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

According to Ed Walsh of the examiner.com, without question, the answer is yes, vacationers are safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta belongs to the sizeable and unique state of Jalisco.… Read the rest

Mexico is Safe: Just Use Common Sense

Mexican Resorts are Safe

Violence in Mexico is back in the news and so is the age-old question: Is Mexico safe? According to Mariano Castillo of CNN, yes it is. In her article “Mexico, As Dangerous – and Safe – As Ever,” Castillo lists the many troubles and victories that have perplexed the troubled country.… Read the rest

Travel is Still Safe in Mexico

Judging from travel sales, not everybody is nixing travel to Mexico for spring break. And despite the bad press (as reported by the new media and a constant flow of travel warnings), Mexico is relying on a record year for tourism.… Read the rest

Travel Review: Cancun Mexico

When we used to think of Mexico, pictures of white sand beaches, aqua blue waters and endless nights out at the club came to mind. Today if you ask most anyone, thoughts of kidnappings, drug cartels and thievery fill their mind.… Read the rest

Mexico Still Safe Despite Murder of Malcom X’s Grandson in Mexico City


Mexico City officials confirmed on Friday a rumor that had been spreading on social media sites since Thursday: Malcom X’s grandson, 28-year-old Malcom Shabazz, was killed after a fight in a bar. According to Mexico City’s District Attorney’s office, Shabazz died in the early hours of Thursday morning in a Mexico City hospital.… Read the rest