7.1 Earthquake in Mexico Devastates Mexico City and Surrounding Areas…

By now the heartbreaking news of the earthquake in México has swept across the world. Videos, pictures, and reports of the devastation caused by a 7.1 earthquake continue to pour out of the nation. Taking the full brunt of the quake, México City has found itself ground zero for most of the devastation.

As of writing this, efforts are currently underway to rescue citizens trapped beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings. Though, as the story continues to unfold the death toll continues to rise.

And as rescuers race to free more victims trapped beneath the ruins, that number, unfortunately, is expected to continuing rising.

Mexico City Earthquake 2017

Standing in Solidarity with Our Neighbors in México…

Truly our hearts and prayers go out to every person in México as the effects of this disaster unfold.

It is in times like these, that the spirit of humanity is needed more than ever. So in solidarity with our neighbors south of the border, we ask that you join in donating to rescue efforts. As the people of México have risen to the occasion to help our country before, it is now our turn.

You can see a full list of reputable charities that are actively helping those affected by the earthquake by clicking the link provided. Or if you would like to contribute to the rescue efforts led by the volunteer group, Topos México. You can send donations directly to their accounts via PayPal. Simply send any donations to [email protected] topos.mx via Paypal. Anything and everything, no matter how small, truly helps.


Understanding the Future Risks Posed by Earthquakes in México…

As México City is built upon an ancient lake. The ground beneath was less able to contain the forces of the tremor. In fact, much of that force was amplified in some areas.

So being that those conditions are inherently unique to México City. Those planning trips to much  México have much less to fear from the dangers of earthquakes. In fact, those planning trips to Mexico should understand that earthquakes rarely cause the devastation seen in México City.

That said, earthquakes do happen in much of México as it sits positioned over an area prone to seismic activity. Though, nearly 80% of all seismic activity beneath México is never felt on the surface.

Though, if you do experience an earthquake while on vacation in México. There are few things you will want to keep in mind…

Mexico Flag Is Mexico Safe

Experiencing an Earthquake While on Vacation in México…

What to do…

First and foremost, stay calm. It cannot be said enough that simply remaining calm and focused will help you through the worst of situations.

That said…

If you are in your hotel room when the tremor begins. Find the nearest safe place to hide beneath and stay there until the shaking has completely stopped.

Often the safest places to hide during an earthquake are beneath a desk or table, under the bed, or even in a doorway. The main thing to keep in mind though when finding a place to ride out the tremor is the potential for things to crash down on you. If a desk is located next to large glass windows or has a large hanging light above it, you’ll want to find somewhere a bit safer. Always avoid staying in a place that may potentially be crushed by anything falling from overhead or nearby.

Once the tremor has fully stopped, you may be tempted to try to leave the building as soon as possible, though doing so may put you at risk at being caught in the middle of an aftershock without adequate protection. So instead wait a few minutes until you can be certain that you will have ample time to leave the building in a safe manner.Is Mexico Safe Emergency Exit

Exiting the hotel…

As you make your way outside, be careful to avoid elevators, though the initial quake may have subsided, aftershock are quite common. And being caught in an elevator during a tremor is placing yourself at unnecessary risk. So instead, always use the nearest stairwell as you make your way outside of the building.

Once outside the building, completely step away from the building and remove yourself as far as possible from any potential falling hazards. After you have found a secure place to wait out any aftershocks, locate hotel staff and determine whether or not it will be safe to return to your room.

If you are outside the hotel when an earthquake strikes…

Immediately begin to move away from any building you may be standing beside. The greatest risk to those outside during an earthquake is posed by falling debris, so at first chance, be sure to completely clear yourself of anything that may fall from above. Once you have found a safe location to ride out the tremor well away from any structures, seek out any hotel staff that may be on hand to determine whether or not it is safe to re-enter the hotel or if evacuation plans will become necessary.

Registering Your Travel Plans with the State Dept…

Though the likelihood of experiencing a catastrophic disaster while on vacation in México is quite low, it is always better to err on the side of safety. So if you are planning a trip to México, or to anywhere outside of the US, it can be in your best interest to register your trip with the nearest embassy in the country you are staying. That way, in the event of something major occurring, our government will be able to assist you in evacuation and determining the best course of action moving forward.

Before, registering your trip meant having to contact the embassy directly, though it has become much easier as of recently. Simply visit the State Department’s website and follow the necessary steps to register your trip. Your information will then be confidentially sent to the embassy notifying the necessary officials. Then in the event of a natural disaster, simply notify the embassy and they will direct you with either evacuation plans or the best course of action to take moving forward.


However Unlikely, Always be Prepared…

Though the probability of experiencing a major natural disaster is very low. Being prepared and knowing what to do if the unexpected strikes can make all the difference. And while it may not be the first thing you want to think of when trying to unwind on vacation. Taking a brief moment to prepare yourself, even if just to mentally note safe places to hide or possible escape routes will never be time wasted.

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