This video and CNN article published 2013 by CNN, highlights the safety of tourist areas in Mexico.  The video raises an amazing point that Orlando , home of Disney world has a higher murder rate than Cancun.   This news is needed  to balance reports of a  growing tendency for violence in Mexico, which includes deaths of Americans. There are statistics that sound bad, for instance,  with the exception of wartime situations, there have been more Americans killed in Mexico than in any other country outside of the States. The numbers are deceptive,  however, when one takes into consideration the fact that there are more Americans traveling to Mexico than ever before,  over 20 million in 2013 !  The relevance of the article, as old as it is, is due to popular belief that has been quietly left uncorrected and grates on those who are defenders, such as the Georgetown professor emeritus, John Bailey, who has commented that bad things can happen anywhere.

With more of the general population traveling, you will have a higher number of people getting hurt. There have been headlines that have further reinforced  the impression of the danger of visiting this country. With high profile cases, such as that of Malcolm Shabazz, Malcolm X’s grandson, who was beaten to death in Mexico City or the case of the Marine reservist, Armando Torres III, who was kidnapped from his father’s home, the media has helped fuel the misconception that visiting Mexico as a tourist  is dangerous. What tends not to be mentioned is all the positive experiences of millions of those who visit without incident, to places like the Riviera Maya , Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and even Mexico City.  There have been no travel warnings issued by the State Department for any of these towns including Mexico City.  However there are recommendations to  stay clear of other, non-tourist  places when travel is “non-essential.”

The video connected with this story presents an interesting map that shows exactly where there are travel warnings.

Traveling to Cancun or most other cities in the country is safe.


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