Yucatan Mexico safety infographic

While Mexico remains one of the greatest travel destinations, it’s often earmarked as a country full of violent crimes. But that’s not really the full picture. Sure, there is violence from time to time in isolated areas, such as along parts of the U.S. border, but the main tourist areas in the country are actually safer than many tourist spots in the United States.


Take the Mexican State of Yucatan for example. With its exotic beaches and fascinating ruins, this state is one of the safest and most desirable resort areas on the globe. The homicide rate in Yucatan is lower than many rural U.S. states such as Montana and Wyoming.

Mexico City

And then there’s Mexico City. Ever heard the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. issue warnings to those travelling to Mexico? Well, D.C. is actually four times more dangerous than Mexico City. Four times! A pure cultural treasure, Mexico City is larger than metropolises such as Paris, New York and London.

Understanding Mexico

The 14th largest country in the world, Mexico is famed for its cultural delights and stunning beaches, which lie hundreds of miles away from the borders where there have been isolated incidents of violence.

The Violence Isn’t What It Seems

While you may have read many a sensationalized story about the border violence in Mexico, here’s the reality: Wherever you go, if you’re looking for trouble, you’ll find it.

So, if you’re after a culturally enlightening exotic holiday, then you’ll be safer in Mexico’s tourist areas than  in numerous U.S. tourist spots.

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