Help Promote Mexico's Safety - Is Mexico Safe?Is Mexico Safe?

Help Promote Mexico’s Safety

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Is Mexico Safe

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  1. Yan

    Hi. Well I am a young 20 and my fiance is from Mexico. I was born and raesid in the USA and he wants to go back to Mexico. I am all for it. I have always wanted to go there and a life with him I know will be amazing, no matter where we are. My question is will I be comfortable there. Will I be able to finish school and get a job doing what I love to do, teach? I do speak some spanish and am working on becoming more fluent so the language is the least of my worrys. Will I be safe? If we do go we will be live in Veracruz. How different is the life there from what I am used to. I have heard all the horor stories and I want to know the truth, so anyone who lives there or ever has please let me know what you think..

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