Spring Break in Mexico: Bad Press and Tips on Safe Travels

Having lived in Cancun for about eight years, I can say with hand on my heart that the idea of going to the beach has grown on me exponentially. I was originally from San Francisco, where the Pacific is about as appetizing to leisurely swim in as getting multiple paper cuts on your fingers. So when you discover swimming in sea water that is warm, you start getting used to the idea. Plus doing this in water that is crystal-clear and is an amazingly turquoise color, you aren’t going to turn your back on that any time soon.

Bad press has always existed in Mexico but like any place that you travel to, you have to take everything with a grain of salt. Violence can occur on both sides of the border and in a rare (and more often than not, not a single) occasion within the 18 years I had spent in Mexico had I ever heard of a shooting in a mall or in a movie theater while I was living there, as it unfortunately has happened all too often in the U.S.

These occurrences do not make these countries bad places to visit. You only have to be very aware what is going on in the places you are visiting. Street smarts count for a lot when you travel and it is key to making your trip a phenomenal one. Map out where you want to go and how to get there. Looking like you know how to get around and moving confidently is a great way to look local. Get familiar with the bus system, as well as the taxis, and know the fares. Ask your hotel concierge for the places to avoid at night and if you plan on having a wild night out, keep the hotel’s business card on you and enough cash to catch a taxi.

Safe travel in Mexico isn’t a difficult thing to achieve. It’s all about have a good attitude and accepting the fact that each and every country is going to have their particularities. Enjoy them for what they are and viva la fiesta!

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