President Obama’s Talks on Mexico Focus on Economy/Relations, Not Drug Violence

President Obama gave talks regarding Mexico in early May. What was telling to some was that he didn’t focus his speech on the drug wars in Mexico. To many, it painted a picture that the president finds Mexico’s national economy…

American’s Knowledge Faulty When It Comes to Mexico

The middle class is booming in Mexico. However, it seems that all we hear about in the U.S. is the drug war violence over the border. Shannon O’Neil is a senior fellow at the Council on International Relations, and in…

Travel in Mexico: Reality vs. Hype

In the article “Reality vs. Sensationalist Media Hype,” Cathy Brown, a mom, travel writer and avid vacationist, expresses frustration at the constant warnings from her friends and family due to their unfounded opinions on travel safety in Mexico. Standing firm that…

Tourism in Mexico

Travel in Mexico May Be Safer Than in the U.S.

Last year, Lonely Planet’s U.S. Travel Editor Robert Reid discussed tourist safety in Mexico. Of most notable value, Reid pointed out that although tourism in Mexico could be made safer, tourism in the United States isn’t much better. In Reid’s position, he’s oftentimes asked about whether it is safe to travel to Mexico….

Safe Cities in Mexico

There are many safe cities in Mexico. According to a recent review and article written by Robert Reid, an expert U.S. travel editor, vacationing in select cities within Mexico may not be as dangerous as reported by large media outlets…

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