Border Crossing for Inexpensive Flights out of Tijuana

Crossing the U.S./Mexico border from San Diego to Tijuana just got a whole lot easier! Instead of being stuck at the border for hours on either side, the new 390 foot Cross Border Xpress that opened in December of 2015, allows travelers to cross the border in under 5 minutes, which means no more gambling for time and wondering if you’re going to make it across the border to catch your flight!

This also means saving The American and Mexican taxpayer billions of dollars. The cost of the post 9/11 border slow down is estimated at US $7.2 billion annually for the US and Mexico.

According to the US General Services Administration about 25,000 people cross into the US at the San Ysidro border with San Diego every day. Blended regional economies are great for Mexico and the US, but so is safety. CBX helps with safety in some ways, and in the end is as safe as other crossings, cost effective and much quicker for tourists and businessmen alike.

A boarding pass, passport, and CBX ticket, and any other normal documentation for a border crossing are all necessary to use CBX; it’s a normal standard border crossing in every way, (except for that it’s way faster!). The US Customs and Border Protection and Processing hub are open 24 hours, with officials on around the clock.

The Process

The new, third, border crossing available in San Diego is available only for Americans who are flying out of the Tijuana International Airport. Mexicans can use CBX to cross into San Diego as well, though not flying. The process is as simple as:

  1. Taking a shuttle or bus to the San Diego side of the CBX facility. You can always drive yourself and park for a fee. 
  2. Have documents ready, or print your CBX tickets and boarding passes at available kiosks.
  3. Walk across the border.
  4. Arrive at the departure zone of the Tijuana Airport, where you can check in your luggage.

The process is the exact same for crossing back into the US through the Tijuana Airport.  

In the end, CBX is actually safer for one key reason. It saves travelers from having to rent a cab and trek through Tijuana to get to the airport. While the trend of violence and crime in TJ has reversed itself for the most part, avoiding language confusion and possible sneaky cab drivers is always a safe bet, especially for those unaccustomed to traveling through this area.  



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