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    Is Mexico Safe?

Travel Review: Cancun Mexico

When most people used to think of Mexico, pictures of white sand beaches, aqua blue waters and endless nights out at the club came to mind. Today, thoughts of kidnappings, drug cartels and thievery have taken their place in the minds of many. For people like me, however, I have learned that this is simply

Mexico Still Safe Despite Murder of Malcom X’s Grandson in Mexico City

Mexico City officials confirmed on Friday a rumor that had been spreading on social media sites since Thursday: Malcom X’s grandson, 28-year-old Malcom Shabazz, was killed after a fight in a bar. According to Mexico City’s District Attorney’s office, Shabazz died in the early hours of Thursday morning in a Mexico City hospital. In

U.S. State Department Clears Majority of Mexico for Travel

According to Christine Delsol’s article on the SFGate news website, the U.S. State Department’s newest Mexican travel update does not spring any surprises or add any new tourist destinations to the listing of no-go zones in Mexico. Continuing a tendency that started with the Feb. 8, 2012 update, the State Department has gotten more

Travel Blogger Lays Out Facts Regarding Safety in Mexico

Terry Denton has his own blog, “Travel by Terry,” in which he often defends Mexico from the slew of biased and sometimes inaccurate media attention. Here he offers some insight into the problem of negative press on Mexico with some questions:
As an unrepentant lover of Mexico, I confess it is hard not to take this personally 

Reasons Why Mexico Is Still a Safe Bet

News headlines continue to report that drug-related violence in Mexico has caused people to worry too much about safety and their protection in Mexico. To offer another view, the authors of the “Mexperience Blog” have listed six factors that attest to the fact that Mexico’s drug-related problems, although real and in need of handling by

Famed Composer Michael Nyman Feels Safer in Mexico than in London

Stephen Adams, writer for the UK’s “Telegraph,” reports that Michael Nyman, famed composer of the musical score for the 1993 film The Piano, has decided to move to Mexico City, saying he feels safer there than in London. Apparently, Nyman is more concerned with the knife crime rate in the UK more than violence in

Mexico: Statistics on Safety/Violence Show the Real Story

In a recent article, “Washington Post” author Andrea Sachs lamented Mexico’s safety as compared to the rest of the world.
“There’s a big gap between perception and reality,” said Margot Lee Shetterly, a Hampton, Virginia native who relocated to Mexico with her husband six years ago. “It’s a real shame for people to write off

President Obama’s Talks on Mexico Focus on Economy/Relations, Not Drug Violence

President Obama gave talks regarding Mexico in early May. What was telling to some was that he didn’t focus his speech on the drug wars in Mexico. To many, it painted a picture that the president finds Mexico’s national economy and U.S. relations to be much more pressing topics. “New York Times” columnist Randal C.

American’s Knowledge Faulty When It Comes to Mexico

Mexican economy and safety is getting better, despite reports to the contrary

The middle class is booming in Mexico. However, it seems that all we hear about in the U.S. is the drug war violence over the border. Shannon O’Neil is a senior fellow at the Council on International Relations, and in her article, “Mexico Isn’t a Gangland Gunbattle,” she points out the hypocrisy regarding the drug trade

Travel in Mexico: Reality vs. Hype

Ruins at Chichen-Itza in Mexico

In the article “Reality vs. Sensationalist Media Hype,” Cathy Brown, a mom, travel writer and avid vacationist, expresses frustration at the constant warnings from her friends and family due to their unfounded opinions on travel safety in Mexico. Standing firm that Mexico is not, in fact, any more dangerous than many U.S. cities, Brown explains the