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Is San Jose del Cabo Safe?

Cabo San Lucas’ Mellow Sister City…
Is San Jose del Cabo safe? It’s a question we here often repeated about most cities in Mexico. So like always let’s take an honest look at the facts!
The laid-back vibe of San Jose del Cabo calls to those looking for something different in Baja. Often referred to as the

Is Mazatlan Safe?

Mazatlan has found itself in a unique situation. On the one hand, the city is a beautiful mecca for tourist as crowds are drawn to the coastal getaway each year. On the other, it is situated in Sinaloa which is in the middle of a crisis as it deals with cartels. So before we

Is Huatulco safe?

A nature lover’s paradise…but is Huatulco safe?
Huatulco finds itself in a unique place along the Pacific coast. Miles of beaches stretch along the city, each tucked away in one of the many bays that dot the coastline. On the other side, a lush jungle sits just outside the city. There, waterfalls, wildlife, and the chance

Mexico: Safer than U.S Cities

While some 150,000 Americans enjoy safe visits to Mexico daily, the media continues to sensationalize violent stories from the country. But Mexico is in fact safer than a number of major U.S. cities. Ask any traveler and they’ll tell you just how safe they have felt in places like Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, Washington

Mexico: As Safe as Any Other Popular Tourist Spot


While Mexico remains one of the greatest travel destinations, it’s often earmarked as a country full of violent crimes. But that’s not really the full picture. Sure, there is violence from time to time in isolated areas, such as along parts of the U.S. border, but the main tourist areas in the country are

Synopis of “Is Moving to Mexico Safe?”

How safe is it to travel to Mexico? This has been the question on many tourists’ minds over the past six months or so. Every time there is a new story from the country about the warring drug mafia or an isolated robbery case, the crescendo around this question increases incredibly. Like every other

Synopsis of “I Traveled to Mexico and Came Back Alive”

Well, yes, the world is still talking about whether it is safe to travel to Mexico! Fear for one’s security is understood, but what I cannot fathom is why people decide not to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world based on public opinion.
I recently read an article by Kyle Ellison

Is Oaxaca Safe?

With a name that takes a second try to guess, Oaxaca is a city that begs to be explored. But is Oaxaca safe? 
Of course, it is! But before we jump into the stats to prove it, let’s learn a little about this city with so much to offer!
Oaxaca is pronounced “Wa-HA-ka.”

Ironic Twist: Violence Issue in Los Angeles

Recently, a friend of ours was trapped with her mother in Cancun due to an episode of violence. However, the violence was a shooting at LAX airport in Los Angeles. The shooting caused cancelled flights from Cancun! This highlights the fact that violent crime takes place more infrequently in many Mexican cities compared to those

Is Merida Safe?

Merida, a beautiful city just a few hours away from Riviera Maya, remains a safe place to visit and live. 
The City of Merida
Let’s take a moment to discuss something that has been on our minds lately, the astoundingly low Merida, Mexico crime rates and general safety found through the area.
For as