Mexico: Safer than U.S Cities

mexico vs u.s. crime stats

While some 150,000 Americans enjoy safe visits to Mexico daily, the media continues to sensationalize violent stories from the country. But Mexico is in fact safer than a number of major U.S. cities. Ask any traveler and they’ll tell you just how safe they have felt in places like Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Atlanta or Chicago. According to statistics, these vibrant cities are actually less safe than Mexico.

The Media Hype

Sadly, Mexico’s crime statistics have become a political casualty of the immigration debates in the United States. A lot of sensationalized stories about violent acts in the country have added fuel to the fire and got people believing that Mexico is not a good place to be.

Facts vs. Fiction

Let’s consider New Orleans as an example. It’s a beloved city, showcased regularly in the news. But while the FBI reports murder rates are on the decline, they remain four times higher than the entire country of Mexico and as much as five times higher than Mexico City alone.

Sure, every country and city therein has its safety issues, and Mexico is not an exception. But it is safe to visit the country as long as you avoid the dangerous areas and lavish in the safe, beautiful tourist spots across Mexico in cities like Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

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