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Safety Tips for Tourists in Mexico

We’ve noticed there seems to be a lot of questions regarding general safety tips for tourists in Mexico.
And while we often discuss the specifics of a certain city, we realized haven’t addressed general tips for travel. So to help our readers travel with a little peace of mind, we decided to put together this guide!

Hurricane Season in Mexico

The Risks of Traveling to Mexico During Hurricane Season
This year has seen one of the most devastating hurricane seasons for much of the eastern North America. Leaving many travelers asking one thing… “Is it safe to travel during hurricane season in Mexico?”
And for good reason of course.
The devastation caused by hurricanes

New Bridge Revolutionizes Border Crossing in San Diego

Border Crossing for Inexpensive Flights out of Tijuana
Crossing the U.S./Mexico border from San Diego to Tijuana just got a whole lot easier! Instead of being stuck at the border for hours on either side, the new 390 foot Cross Border Xpress that opened in December of 2015, allows travelers to cross the border in under