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Traveling Solo in Mexico

After years of being frustrated and tired of waiting for friends’ schedules to line up or canceling at the last minute, I decided that I couldn’t keep making excuses for not visiting the places I wanted to visit, so I began to travel alone. It’s a daunting task for a lot of people, on your

Mexico: The Reasons You Should Visit

Mexico is a great place to visit because the people have created an unique culture, architecture, food, handicrafts and attractions. So many good memories can be had when you come on down and explore.  Whether you are looking for fun in the sun, something historical, colonial, ancient or more recent, or just want to explore

Spring Break in Mexico: Bad Press and Tips on Safe Travels

Having lived in Cancun for about eight years, I can say with hand on my heart that the idea of going to the beach has grown on me exponentially. I was originally from San Francisco, where the Pacific is about as appetizing to leisurely swim in as getting multiple paper cuts on your fingers. So

Is Playa del Carmen Safe?

As always, time to address the big questions…
Is Playa del Carmen safe? Are there any Playa del Carmen safety tips we should know?
To which we answer, yes. The beautiful beachside paradise offering visitors a different taste of Mexico is safe to visit.
Despite headlines regarding violence in nightclubs, the city still remains a

Which is Safer: Cancun or Orlando?

This video and CNN article published 2013 by CNN, highlights the safety of tourist areas in Mexico.  The video raises an amazing point that Orlando , home of Disney world has a higher murder rate than Cancun.   This news is needed  to balance reports of a  growing tendency for violence in Mexico, which includes

Is Huatulco safe?

A nature lover’s paradise…but is Huatulco safe?
Huatulco finds itself in a unique place along the Pacific coast. Miles of beaches stretch along the city, each tucked away in one of the many bays that dot the coastline. On the other side, a lush jungle sits just outside the city. There, waterfalls, wildlife, and the chance

Ironic Twist: Violence Issue in Los Angeles

Recently, a friend of ours was trapped with her mother in Cancun due to an episode of violence. However, the violence was a shooting at LAX airport in Los Angeles. The shooting caused cancelled flights from Cancun! This highlights the fact that violent crime takes place more infrequently in many Mexican cities compared to those

Is Merida Safe?

Merida, a beautiful city just a few hours away from Riviera Maya, remains a safe place to visit and live. 
The City of Merida
Let’s take a moment to discuss something that has been on our minds lately, the astoundingly low Merida, Mexico crime rates and general safety found through the area.
For as

Travel Review: Cancun Mexico

When most people used to think of Mexico, pictures of white sand beaches, aqua blue waters and endless nights out at the club came to mind. Today, thoughts of kidnappings, drug cartels and thievery have taken their place in the minds of many. For people like me, however, I have learned that this is simply

Reasons Why Mexico Is Still a Safe Bet

News headlines continue to report that drug-related violence in Mexico has caused people to worry too much about safety and their protection in Mexico. To offer another view, the authors of the “Mexperience Blog” have listed six factors that attest to the fact that Mexico’s drug-related problems, although real and in need of handling by