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Is San Luis Potosi Safe?

Answering the question on everyone’s mind…”Is San Luis Potosi safe?”
Even though San Luis Potosi crime rates are lower than some US cities, people still doubt safety while traveling in Mexico.

For as full of amazing surprises as Mexico is, why does that one question seem to always come up?
Travelers in America have been

Mexico Crime in Tourist Areas

There are reports recently of crime issues in Mexico.  The State Depatment made a recent new statement.
.    Here is a blog post that gives a balanced view  of the situation of Mexico Crime and safey in 2017;
The authors at MayanRental (actually, that is us)  feel that tourist areas are still very safe.

Should I Worry About the Zika Virus in Mexico?

Aedes Aegypti Mosquito

As of late, a topic of concern for many travelers has been the Zika virus in Mexico. The virus, spread by mosquitoes, has been reported in Mexico by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the form of local transmission. However, even with its presence, the majority of people have no need to

Is Playa del Carmen Safe?

As always, time to address the big questions…
Is Playa del Carmen safe? Are there any Playa del Carmen safety tips we should know?
To which we answer, yes. The beautiful beachside paradise offering visitors a different taste of Mexico is safe to visit.
Despite headlines regarding violence in nightclubs, the city still remains a

The One-step Method for Staying Safe in Mexico!

Did you know that you can stay safe on your next vacation to Mexico by doing one simple thing? Would you believe it if I told you this surefire safety method costs zero dollars and doesn’t even require a trip to the store? Well, it’s true! You can stay safe when visiting Mexico simply

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?

Nightlife, Culture, and Cuisine Mix in Cabo San Lucas…
We here this question repeated time and time again with a new city as the subject. This time it’s “Is Cabo safe?” And we understand, safety is just as important as enjoying yourself while on vacation, so let’s answer it for you!
Commonly called “Cabo,”

Is San Jose del Cabo Safe?

Cabo San Lucas’ Mellow Sister City…
Is San Jose del Cabo safe? It’s a question we here often repeated about most cities in Mexico. So like always let’s take an honest look at the facts!
The laid-back vibe of San Jose del Cabo calls to those looking for something different in Baja. Often referred to as the

Is Mazatlan Safe?

Mazatlan has found itself in a unique situation. On the one hand, the city is a beautiful mecca for tourist as crowds are drawn to the coastal getaway each year. On the other, it is situated in Sinaloa which is in the middle of a crisis as it deals with cartels. So before we

Is Huatulco safe?

A nature lover’s paradise…but is Huatulco safe?
Huatulco finds itself in a unique place along the Pacific coast. Miles of beaches stretch along the city, each tucked away in one of the many bays that dot the coastline. On the other side, a lush jungle sits just outside the city. There, waterfalls, wildlife, and the chance

Mexico: Safer than U.S Cities

While some 150,000 Americans enjoy safe visits to Mexico daily, the media continues to sensationalize violent stories from the country. But Mexico is in fact safer than a number of major U.S. cities. Ask any traveler and they’ll tell you just how safe they have felt in places like Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, Washington