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Well, yes, the world is still talking about whether it is safe to travel to Mexico! Fear for one’s security is understood, but what I cannot fathom is why people decide not to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world based on public opinion.

I recently read an article by Kyle Ellison on, “I Traveled To Mexico And Came Back Alive.” It tells the firsthand experiences of Kyle, who has just traveled to Mexico and, well, lived to tell about it.

There have been several stories about robbery at gunpoint, beheading and even colorful re-runs of mass burials in the media. Undoubtedly, these stories could provide a big scare to those planning a trip with their family to one of Mexico’s golden beaches.

Wait a minute though …  Let’s go back and review these news headlines. Were these individuals common tourists enjoying a beer on the beach? No. Unless you are part of the drug cartel, Kyle is of the opinion that you shouldn’t miss out on enjoying the hospitality of the warm Mexican people.

The internet has been teeming with horror stories and debates from people who have never really stepped foot in the country. Most have been convinced to a point where holidays and vacations have moved to destinations like Hawaii. When we look at real crime statistics though (by real, we mean statistics available from the U.S. State Advisory), Maui probably has more robberies and Chicago more murders than cities like Puerto Vallarta!

When you choose to travel to a different country, in addition to knowing the basics of the culture and customs, it is common sense that keeps you safe and secure. If you wear expensive jewelry or pay out of a wallet full of $100 bills, aren’t you asking for trouble? And this is true within the United States too, not just in Mexico. Kyle’s advice to you as a traveler is to not allow a chat room debate to decide your next holiday destination. Rather, you should exercise caution and common sense in any country you travel to.

Mexico is a large country, and the popular tourist destinations in the Riviera Maya have enthralled visitors for decades to an extent where some have even settled there for good. There must be some reason behind thousands still “risking their lives” to keep returning with their families and kids to enjoy the beach and the sun, the people and the food!

Go on, read Kyle’s post, book the holiday you always wanted to the Mexican Riviera, soak up the sun and enjoy the tacos. And when you are back, do comment on this post and let the world know that you went on a vacation to Mexico and came back alive!!

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