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The One-step Method for Staying Safe in Mexico!

Did you know that you can stay safe on your next vacation to Mexico by doing one simple thing? Would you believe it if I told you this surefire safety method costs zero dollars and doesn’t even require a trip to the store? Well, it’s true! You can stay safe when visiting Mexico simply

Mexico is Safe: Just Use Common Sense

Violence in Mexico is back in the news and so is the age-old question: Is Mexico safe? According to Mariano Castillo of CNN, yes it is. In her article “Mexico, As Dangerous – and Safe – As Ever,” Castillo lists the many troubles and victories that have affected the country.
Travel experts and analysts concur

Travel Blogger Lays Out Facts Regarding Safety in Mexico

Terry Denton has his own blog, “Travel by Terry,” in which he often defends Mexico from the slew of biased and sometimes inaccurate media attention. Here he offers some insight into the problem of negative press on Mexico with some questions:
As an unrepentant lover of Mexico, I confess it is hard not to take this personally 

Mexico: Statistics on Safety/Violence Show the Real Story

In a recent article, “Washington Post” author Andrea Sachs lamented Mexico’s safety as compared to the rest of the world.
“There’s a big gap between perception and reality,” said Margot Lee Shetterly, a Hampton, Virginia native who relocated to Mexico with her husband six years ago. “It’s a real shame for people to write off

Travel in Mexico: Reality vs. Hype

In the article “Reality vs. Sensationalist Media Hype,” Cathy Brown, a mom, travel writer and avid vacationist, expresses frustration at the constant warnings from her friends and family due to their unfounded opinions on travel safety in Mexico. Standing firm that Mexico is not, in fact, any more dangerous than many U.S. cities, Brown explains the